All Good Things

I knew it was coming.

It happened last night.

I received the invoice to renew hosting for my website for another three years. The sad truth is that it costs me more to host the website than I earn in book sale royalties. To continue in this money-losing endeavour after six years seems pointless.

Let's face it. The Internet has changed a lot in that time. People no longer randomly surf the web looking for interesting sites. They tend to stick to their favourite news sources, shopping sites, and social media outlets. Where does that leave a 1.0 website like mine? Under-used and under-visited.

So, what's next for travisbelrose.ca? Well this full-featured version will only be available for another ten days or so. Expect it to go offline May 31 or June 1. If it returns, it will surely be in the form of a one page blog that points people to booksellers retailing The Samurai Poet. So what can I say, enjoy it while it lasts. I had fun building it, but it's time to let it go. Here are five pages to check out before its demise.

  1. The Afternoon photo gallery. If you have an interest in Shisendo, I had some good fortune with the natural light and shadow that day.

  2. The essay about Ishikawa Jozan's poetry. He built Shisendo and his poetry also merits attention.

  3. My Japan Travelogue. For those of you who like travel writing.

  4. In Search of the Geisha. A personal favourite out of my travel writing.

  5. The Samurai Poet page. After all, the raison d'être of this site was to promote interest in the novel.

Thanks for visiting through the years and sharing links with your friends and followers. It was much appreciated. Who knows, maybe if my writing career takes off, this website will find its way back to the Internet. Until next time, お元気で (o-genki de).

Happy New Year


new year mochi

Thank you for visiting the site. Thank you for buying and reading my novel this year.

I appreciate all the support.

Wishing you the best in 2018.