Japan Travelogue ToC

For those not interested in reading fifteen consecutive posts about the vacation of a friend, acquaintance, or stranger, here they all are at a glance, including a quick teaser so you can choose the ones of interest.

2016 Japan Trip - An introduction with a bit of this and that
Renewing Connections - Covers a tour of the National Museum of Japanese History with some old friends
Windmills and Wild Finishes - Features an in depth write up of one of the best live baseball experiences in my life
Local Tour - On the pleasures of visiting minor tourist sites closer to home in Sakura, Chiba
Hakone Haiku - The shortest post, yet one of my favourites
Transportation Celebration Vacation - Exposes what vacations are really about
Hakone Honesty - The infamous lost iPhone story
Gatchaman Day - A humble suggestion for a new observance
Family Ritual Time Machine - Backyard fireworks spark nostalgia
Old Friends, New Friends - Partying at an izakaya beats shopping any day of the week
In The Teeth of the Typhoon - Discretion may be the better part of valour, but it's less interesting
Tokyo: Shogun Bookends - A travel piece on a few Tokyo neighbourhoods worthy of a newspaper commission
Sucking in Sakura - Local Tour, Part 2
Departures - On the Narita Airport Shopping Experience + Capsule reviews of two Japanese movies
Mistakes and Miscommunications: On the joys and frustrations of being an intermediate Japanese language student