I am a Canadian author who has lived in Japan and visited the country numerous times to conduct research for The Samurai Poet.

Appearances: I am available to conduct readings of The Samurai Poet and workshops related to writing and independent publishing in the Greater Toronto Area year round. I have more flexibility to travel further afield in July and August of each year.

Interviews: I am more than happy to accommodate interview requests regardless of the size of the media outlet, from blogs and beyond.

Reviews: If you are an established book reviewer, I would be willing to provide a complimentary review copy of the novel. I will consider requests on a case by case basis.

Copyright: I retain the rights to all original content on this website. If you would like to use a photo, please contact me for permission. For non-commercial use, all I ask for is a credit in return. For commercial use, please contact me directly--I’m certain you’ll find my terms reasonable. If you need to cite any information on this website, please follow MLA, APA, or similar guidelines. While you are not obligated to inform me about a citation, I would enjoy hearing how my site was of use to you.

For more information, use the Contact link at the bottom of the page.